NTG Achieves Expert Partner Status with Fortinet

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TAMPA, FL — NTG, a leading provider of managed IT and cybersecurity solutions, has been named an Expert-level partner by Fortinet, a global leader in broad, integrated and automated cybersecurity solutions. This is the highest level of partnership available with Fortinet and places NTG among an elite group of trusted partners.

Fortinet’s solutions include network, endpoint, application, and cloud security, as well as a broad range of security services, including managed security services, professional services, and threat intelligence. As an Expert-level partner, NTG has demonstrated a deep understanding of Fortinet’s cybersecurity solutions and can offer even greater value to clients, delivering the most advanced cybersecurity solutions and expertise available.

“Being recognized as an Expert-level partner by Fortinet is a testament to NTG’s unwavering commitment to providing top-tier IT and cybersecurity solutions and services to our clients,” said Wendy Hafner, President of NTG. “This achievement highlights our team’s dedication to staying ahead of evolving threats and ensuring that our clients have access to the highest level of expertise and support possible. We’re proud to have reached this elite level of partnership and look forward to continuing to deliver the best possible outcomes for our clients.”

Achieving Expert-level partner status requires a proven track record of technical expertise and successful customer deployments, as well as a commitment to ongoing training and certification. NTG has met these rigorous standards, and its partnership with Fortinet provides clients with access to industry-leading cybersecurity solutions that enable them to secure their networks and data against the latest threats.

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