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Expert IT Management Consulting Services
NTG provides specialized IT consulting services, available both as a standalone option or as part of our comprehensive managed services package. Our offerings range from essential network analytics support to thorough compliance auditing. Our team of engineers and analysts holds a wealth of certifications, such as CISSP, CCIE, and CMMC-RP, showcasing our broad expertise. With a rich background in IT consulting for the Department of Defense and various federal entities, we bring a depth of experience and insight to every project.
checkmarkShaping Your IT Vision: Aligning IT resources with business needs for a cost-effective, stable, and scalable infrastructure.
checkmarkCloud Efficiency Boost: Transitioning to demand-driven cloud consumption to enhance resource utilization.
checkmarkStrategic IT Initiatives: Planning for upgrades, modernization, migration, and re-architecting to achieve your desired IT state.
checkmarkData Utilization Advancement: Leveraging data resources for better-informed decision-making.
checkmarkIT Environment Assessment: Evaluating applications, IT infrastructure complexity, integrations, databases, and development infrastructure for a clear current-state overview.
checkmarkInvestment and Time Planning: Providing detailed estimates for each initiative, with a strategic focus on prioritizing actions to maximize impact and value.
Automate & Optimize Your Operations
With the rapid pace of technological development, most businesses are digitizing their operation to not step down from the competitive IT landscape. If a business in a competitive market fails to react quickly and accurately, it will risk being outpaced. Thus, using expertise and the best minds with deep tech backgrounds is essential for businesses to create a comprehensive IT strategy if an organization wants to achieve successful digital transformation.
checkmarkTechnology Assessment & Auditing
checkmarkIT Transformation Consulting
checkmarkCloud Adoption Strategy
checkmarkBusiness Process Automation
checkmarkVendor Management
checkmarkERP / CRM Deployment, Optimization
checkmarkHR Resources Planning for IT Function
checkmarkProject Management & Control
checkmarkMIS Reports Consulting & Automation
checkmarkIT Service Management Deployment
checkmarkIT Road Map & IT Budget
checkmarkIT Governance, Risk, Compliance
checkmarkIT Policies Definition, Best Practices Listing, (documentation as per the standards required by client)
checkmarkIT Assets Lifecycle Management (Software Compliance, Asset Management from Procurement to disposal)
checkmarkRFQ Document creation, Tender Specification document creation
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