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NTG offers IT consulting service in Tampa separate from or included in our full managed services package. We offer everything from basic network analytics assistance to compliance auditing. Our decorated staff of engineers and analysts have myriad certifications including CISSP, CCIE, and CMMC-RP. We have extensive experience in IT consulting for the DoD and other federal organizations.

IT strategy consulting
Service Scope
  • Assessing the current state of your IT environment: applications and IT infrastructure complexity, application integrations, databases and data warehouses, development infrastructure.
  • Shaping the vision of IT supporting business needs: IT resources and their organization; cost-effective, stable, and scalable infrastructure.
  • Planning strategic initiatives to achieve the desired state: upgrade, modernization, migration, re-architecting activities.
  • Advancing the utilization of data resources for informed decision-making.
  • Raising the efficiency of cloud resources, transit to demand-driven cloud consumption.
  • Providing investment and time estimates for each initiative.
  • Prioritizing the initiatives.
Business Benefits :
  • Technology Assessment & Auditing
  • IT Transformation Consulting
  • Cloud Adoption Strategy
  • Business Process Automation
  • Vendor Management
  • ERP / CRM Deployment, Optimization
  • HR Resources planning for IT Function
  • Project Management & Control
  • MIS Reports consulting & automation
  • RFQ Document creation, Tender Specification document creation
  • IT Policies Definition, Best Practices Listing, (documentation as per the standards required by client)
  • IT Service Management Deployment
  • IT Road Map & IT Budget
  • IT Assets Lifecycle Management (Software Compliance, Asset Management from Procurement to disposal)
  • IT Governance, Risk, Compliance
Create A Comprehensive IT Strategy To Transform The Organization Technologically

With the rapid pace of technological development, most businesses are digitizing their operation to not step down from the competitive IT landscape. If a business in a competitive market fails to react quickly and accurately, it will risk being outpaced. Thus, using expertise and the best minds with deep tech backgrounds is essential for businesses to create a comprehensive IT strategy if an organization wants to achieve successful digital transformation. NTG is one of your trusted IT consulting services in Tampa to offer you strategic IT consultation to automate and digitize your operations and implement the latest technologies to optimize your software portfolio.

Take advantage of IT maintenance solutions
  • Comprehensive IT consultation service can let you access a broad range of specialized talents and use proven IT strategies that work for businesses operating in your industry. One of the many advantages of working with NTG is our IT consulting in Tampa can give you proactively. IT support can be accessed with our fully managed services package.
  • Our skilled IT consultants are highly engaging and always look for strategies to enhance clients’ business operations by accessing the latest technology and system updates. We will monitor your network and provide IT maintenance support solutions to ensure every technological aspect of your network is optimal.
  • While the internal IT staff of an organization might be generalists working with outsourced IT consulting services in Tampa, you can get access to specialized skills and resources to implement current solutions. NTG IT consultants can be involved in your project quickly and speed up the IT solution implementation process to complete a project faster.
  • • Our team always looks out for the client’s convenience and accomplishes a project within their budget by offering an accurate upfront estimation. We have IT specialists with the potential to complete IT projects using a few resources your in-house team may need.
Get customized IT solutions for your business

NTG understands every small or medium-sized business has its unique IT needs. As one of the top IT consulting services in Tampa, our team works alongside you to develop an action plan standardized or custom IT solutions so your business can reach its full potential. Our complete consulting package enables you to get everything from essential network analytics assistance to compliance auditing. Since our consulting staff has a range of certifications like CISSP, CCIE and CMMC-PR, we can use state-of-the-art technology whether you require legal IT support or stay HIPAA compliant.

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IT Consulting Services

Unified Communications

We employ a team of engineers that can monitor your unified communications’ environment remotely.

Enterprise Applications

Doing business online often means using applications (software) that allows your company to “get work done”.


Our recruiting team directly handles all recruiting, reference checks, skills evaluations, preliminary interviews, and screening for our clients.

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