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Constant evolution of technology is needed to make critical human operations smooth and easy. That’s why many businesses are implementing a digitized network infrastructure. The IT solutions you integrate into your business should enable you to grow your business so you can keep up with the competitive pace of the market. Now it’s easy to keep your IT infrastructure stable and scalable with NTG.
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Identify Security Risks
Discover which application vulnerabilities are being used to attack your network, which malware/botnets were detected, what phishing attacks are making it through your defenses, and which devices are “at-risk”— for security breach probability.
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Enhance Productivity
Gain insights into app usage and email content to optimize network performance and mitigate risks. Monitor productivity, set benchmarks, and control content consumption for improved efficiency.
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Utilization & Performance
Assess throughput, session, and bandwidth needs during peak hours for networks, email systems, and critical applications to prioritize services & optimize performance.
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Quick & Easy Assessment
With less than 7 days of monitoring and no interuptions, get a complimentary and comprehensive assessment of your infrastructure’s security, productivity and performance.

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Did You Know?

Cybereason surveyed nearly 1,500 cybersecurity professionals and found that almost three-quarters of organizations (73%) reported at least one ransomware attack. The total number of attacks was 33% higher than the previous year’s report, and most ransomware attacks (64%) resulted from the compromise of third-party suppliers.

These attacks directly affected workflow and employees. Almost 40% of enterprises had to lay off employees after an attack, and 35% experienced C-level resignations. Another 33% had to suspend operations temporarily.

Latest Ransomware Trends for 2024
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NTG’s engineering staff is second to none. I’d recommend them to anybody looking for an ironclad network solution.
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Ray Wright, CIO
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NTG is invaluable to the Pentagon's security operations. They've tripled the efficiency of our extensive firewall perimeter. We're lucky to have them.
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Prime Contractor of DISA JSP II
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Some MSPs have tried to unseat our partnership with NTG. It’s like they’re trying to sell me a Honda when I’ve already got a Rolls Royce.
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Harry Vasquez, IT Director