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As one of the top managed IT services in the country, NTG can assist you in bringing that competitive edge by managing your technology essentials that boosts your business’ productivity and revenue.

We can tailor our packages for IT Managed Services to meet your needs, whether you require endpoint solutions or fully managed end-to-end IT management solutions in your complex IT infrastructure.

No need to hire full-time IT staff for your business. It is easy and cost-effective to hire managed IT services for your IT infrastructure and enterprise software by outsourcing major IT operations.

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What is a Managed Service
Provider (MSP)?

A Managed Service Provider (MSP) is a company that takes on the management and responsibility for a specific range of services for its clients, ensuring their IT systems operate smoothly and efficiently. This partnership is often governed by a Service Level Agreement (SLA), which outlines the services provided, response times for IT issues, costs for services within and outside the agreed terms, and how the performance of services will be reported.

Key goals of an MSP include:

  1. Proactively monitoring the network to identify and alert on issues before they disrupt users.
  2. Treating every alert with urgency to maintain high customer satisfaction through prompt resolution.
How Can NTG Make Managed IT Servicing Comfortable
and Risk-Free?
In a rapidly evolving tech landscape, a robust digital infrastructure is essential for competitive business growth. NTG simplifies this transition, offering stable, scalable IT solutions tailored to your needs. Experience effortless IT management that's both risk-free and seamlessly integrated, enabling you to focus on what truly matters—your business's growth.
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Prepare A Flexible IT Operating Model
We enable clients to tap into our flexible co-operation IT business model where our team can co-manage and share responsibilities with the internal IT infrastructure department as well as any other IT service vendor involved.
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Comprehensive Communication
As per the client’s preferences, NTG engages in the best possible ways to make frequent communication, whether it’s using the right communication tools, timing flexibility, or the level of detailed information regarding the managed service.
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24/7 Availability
Our services stand constantly vigilant, ensuring your IT infrastructure is always running at peak efficiency. Whenever IT support is needed, we're ready to respond—prioritizing tickets based on urgency and priority. Our commitment is to treat every issue with the importance it deserves, ensuring your IT support needs are met with urgency and care, day or night.
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Empowering Your Team
If you lean towards a co-managed business model, our team is equipped to empower yours, sharing insights and strategies that enable your internal teams to address similar challenges independently in the future. Recognized as a leading managed IT service, we pride ourselves on offering comprehensive training and mentoring by our team of highly skilled experts, ensuring your staff gains the expertise needed for sustainable success.
We Are Your Trusted Partner For All Your IT Needs

NTG Managed Services serves as your comprehensive IT business partner, complementing our NOC. Our skilled engineers conduct a thorough network assessment before initiating managed services. This assessment evaluates your current IT infrastructure and anticipates future needs.

As your Managed Service provider, NTG not only oversees your network but also actively seeks opportunities to enhance your network, desktop, and security systems by recommending the integration of the latest hardware, software, best practices, and procedures. Regular network health reports are generated and shared with your company’s key decision-makers to ensure you are always informed about your network’s performance.

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In the role of a business partner, NTG is dedicated to enhancing your business’s efficiency and reducing unforeseen expenses. By partnering with a Managed Service Provider, you gain visibility into your IT expenses, eliminating the uncertainty associated with ad-hoc IT issues. On average, companies achieve long-term IT-related cost savings when choosing to partner with an MSP. These savings result from proactive maintenance, issue monitoring, reduced in-house labor costs, and increased IT infrastructure efficiency and optimization, ultimately minimizing disruptions to normal business operations.

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Some MSPs have tried to unseat our partnership with NTG. It’s like they’re trying to sell me a Honda when I’ve already got a Rolls Royce.
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Harry Vasquez, IT Director
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NTG’s engineering staff is second to none. I’d recommend them to anybody looking for an ironclad network solution.
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Ray Wright, CIO
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NTG is invaluable to the Pentagon's security operations. They've tripled the efficiency of our extensive firewall perimeter. We're lucky to have them.
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Prime Contractor of DISA JSP II
Unmatched, Dependable
Customer Service

While we at NTG believe we employ the best and brightest IT professionals in the industry we’re also proud to stand behind our customer service. When there’s an IT issue, you’ll be able to speak with a real person, right away. All our customers are provided with, and are encouraged to use, our dedicated helpdesk phone line, along with our automated Helpdesk ticketing system.

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