NTG Brand Guidelines

Your online guide and resources to aid in bringing the NTG brand to life.

Our logo features a clean and modern design, incorporating elements that reflect our commitment to innovation, reliability, and professionalism.

Full Color: To be used in most instances where the background allows.
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Clear space around a logo is essential for maintaining its visibility, impact, and integrity. This space separates the logo from surrounding elements, preventing visual clutter and ensuring recognition. It enhances legibility, scalability, and overall brand recognition, making the logo memorable and effective in various contexts.

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Primary Color Scheme

Use these colors as our primary brand colors to create a strong visual presence and brand recognition.

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Secondary Color Scheme

Complement the primary colors with secondary colors that enhances visual appeal and flexibility.

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Our brand’s color palette incorporates special use of linear gradients to be used as backgrounds, overlays or accents to enhance the overall visual impact of designs.

Avoid overly complex or mesh gradients or in instances where they will compromised readability.

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We’ve chosen Helvetica and Arial as our brand fonts because of their universal legibility, timeless appeal, and seamless adaptability across all mediums. Helvetica’s clean lines and modern aesthetic embody professionalism and clarity, perfectly reflecting our brand’s ethos of simplicity and efficiency. Meanwhile, Arial, with its similar attributes to Helvetica, serves as a practical digital alternative, ensuring consistent brand representation across web and print materials.

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