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NTG has a storied history engineering IT and cybersecurity solutions for the Department of Defense. We have worked closely with Combatant Commands and the Intel Community for more than a decade, specializing in the design and maintenance of complex network environments and providing layered cyber defenses for global operations.

Over the years, we’ve developed and implemented groundbreaking communications and cybersecurity technology still used by Allied Forces today. NTG focuses on continuous improvement and innovation in everything we do for our government and commercial customers alike. We pride ourselves on doing more with less, utilizing higher end resources and an adaptable approach to complete projects swiftly, effectively, and always with superior quality.

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checkmarkJNN Design & Support
checkmarkMilCloud Design & Support
checkmarkCyber Design & Support
checkmarkSuite-B Solutions
checkmarkMobile Kit Design & Support
checkmarkType 1 encryption devices
checkmarkUnified Communications Design & Support
checkmarkSpecialized Technical Training
checkmarkTactical Network Extension Deployments
checkmarkTactical IP Routing

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NTG Has A Proven Track Record in Federal IT Solutions

NTG has been deploying enterprise services throughout the DOD 20+ years. In 2010, our founders, John Hafner and David Morris, worked with General Petraeus in Iraq to design and implement the Department of Defense’s (DOD) network security system for the Coalition Forces.

Since then, NTG stands as a proven partner with an extensive history collaborating with CENTCOM, EUCOM, AFRICOM, SOCOM, DISA/JSP, DHS, PACOM, INSCOM, and more, fostering a decade-long synergy with Combatant Commands and the Intel Community. Our reach spans Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia, deploying and sustaining networks worldwide.

Past & Current Performance
NTG Has Been Ensuring Our Nation’s Security & Protecting Our Military Forces Since 2002
NTG remains a trusted partner of some of the most targeted government institutions and agencies in the world, including the Pentagon, where we manage both the firewall team and the Security Operations Center (SOC). Learn more about our innovative technology solutions below.
checkmarkArchitected, designed, and deployed the first autonomous large IP tactical network in Operation Iraqi Freedom.
checkmarkArchitected and implemented the first Black Core Network deployed by CENTCOM.
checkmarkCollaborated with NATO to deploy a Coalition Network to over 150,000 personnel in Afghanistan.
checkmarkTrained military staff on networking and radio deployment to include scalability measures in Iraq.
checkmarkDesigned Mission Partner Networks, used as the standard by CENTCOM.
checkmarkDesign & maintain network perimeter security at the Pentagon (Computer Network Defense) as a GSM-O II subcontractor.
checkmarkDesigned & implemented the VIP solution utilized by the CENTCOM commander while deployed to Afghanistan.
checkmarkEngineered, designed and implemented CSfC solutions deployed by CENTCOM, EUCOM & AFRICOM.
checkmarkManage & staff SOC analysts, incident managers, and firewall architects at the Pentagon.
Trusted By the World’s Most Targeted Government Institutions and Agencies
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NTG is invaluable to the Pentagon's security operations. They've tripled the efficiency of our extensive firewall perimeter. We're lucky to have them.
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Prime Contractor of DISA JSP II
NTG Bridges the Gap Between Top Technologies to the Specific Demands of the Federal Sector
NTG shines through our AI & ML solutions developed with advanced open-source software, underscored by our 24/7/365 SOC—a testament to our unwavering pursuit of excellence. Our team of cleared professionals is dedicated to providing our customers with the highest level of security.
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• Intrusion detection & prevention
• Incident management & response
• SOC-as-a-service
• Mission-critical system fortification
• Threat hunting and modeling
• Security transformation
• Zero-trust architecting
• Cyber compliance
• Endpoint defense
• Patch management
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Strategic Portfolio
•Business operations & program management
• Technical procurement management
• Strategic resourcing
• Information management
• Risk management
• Business analytics
• Acquisitions & contractual support
• Business process to system alignment
• Strategic vendor partner scoring
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Technical Integration
• Artificial intelligence & machine learning
• SATCOM engineering & integration
• Collaboration engineering & integration
• CSfC engineering & integration
• Software development
• Radio engineering & integration
• System & network engineering & integration
• Hyperconverged infrastructure engineering
• Virtual infrastructure & cloud architecting
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Mission Support
• 24/7/365 Network Operations Center (NOC)
• 24/7/365 Security Operations Center (SOC)
• OCONUS deployment planning
• Global VIP support
• DevOps & DevSecOps
• SIEM & SOAR support
• Advanced tech center & lab management
• System & network maintenance
• Application support (IoT, mobile, workstation)
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