The team at NTG Managed Services has experience with a variety of industries, providing specific benefits and tailored solutions


Engineers typically have a substantive understanding of technology. They can visualize and design complex systems, solve difficult problems, and think outside the box. We know this because we have a deep respect for what our own engineers do in designing, deploying, and fixing network infrastructures. Engineering firms need IT partners that match their technical expertise and passion for problem solving (tenets that we have embraced since our start).  

We also recognize that certain engineering projects call for enhanced cybersecurity. If your firm is involved in the federal space at all, you know that certain requirements can be difficult to assess. We have a particular expertise in assessing and implementing CMMC requirements at all levels. After all, we’ve been following those requirements for over twenty years.

Lawyers and other legal professionals know that protecting and procuring large amounts of information is an around the clock operation. We realize that what you do with that information has weight in multiple people’s lives, so your information technology must be up to snuff. Our legal partners have seen massive efficiency boosts with our helpdesk and software & network management solutions, leaving IT anxiety behind to better serve their clientele.

The Healthcare industry, while involved in the noble pursuit of affecting the quality of human life, finds itself at crossroads with pressure to deliver high quality products and services, reduce costs and invest in the latest technologies, with renewed focus on improved patient satisfaction and improved outcomes. With market dynamics creating uncertainty the industry is in a state of flux. Adopting robust IT initiatives ensures that the industry is able to cope up with new trends and also safeguard its future. We have an intricate understanding of the healthcare industry. We know that reliable, secure, and flexible IT applications, systems, and processes are necessary to keep the industry evolving.

Information Technology plays a central role in modern education. Advancing technology has aided teachers and students alike, especially during the advent of widespread remote learning. A healthy IT infrastructure is essential to the dissemination of learning materials, online testing, and digital libraries. NTG’s capabilities can assist with the IT functions and network architectures in schools, universities, and educational institutions.

The manufacturing industry faces challenges like global competition, regional expansion, mergers, acquisitions, and increasingly complex supply chains.

To excel, manufacturers must find new and unique opportunities to continuously improve operations, create new opportunities, strike a balance among several important functions to compete successfully, focus on product innovation, form partnerships to continually improve the manufacturing process and leverage resources ensuring that capabilities are used adequately. NTG understands the unique pressures that manufacturers face.

Insurance companies comprise a huge sector of the economy. Insurers, brokers, and agencies have long relied on pushing paper, but technology is catching up, and IT infrastructure is integral to the function of emerging insur-tech platforms. Information exchanges in insurance must also be kept secure to protect insured clients’ private information. NTG understands that insurance companies handle large volumes of sensitive data, to which effective IT infrastructure is paramount.

The financial services sector is also tasked with ensuring sensitive consumer data is protected. Finance companies have long been favored targets of threat actors and hacker groups given their access and control of currency. These companies also rely on robust IT infrastructure to access and deliver large volumes of data. We realize that the financial services sector requires a niche level of IT & security expertise.

NTG partners with organizations in the nonprofit sector to help bridge the gap between vision and performance. We focus on meeting the IT needs of nonprofits to help them scale operations and increase their reach and overall efficiency. We strive to enhance our NGO partners’ information environments so that they can better serve the public.

Small businesses can often struggle to hire, train, and retain the right IT talent to keep their technology up-to-date. Our services for small and growing businesses are designed to make life simple for business owners who may not have the resources to hire and manage a dedicated internal IT department.

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