As the managed services provider market matures, CIOs should resist the urge to go with the lowest-cost provider in favor of partners that understand your business and can help you achieve strategic goals.


Managed Services growth is steady. Currently, it is the second most popular business model for all industries as of 2017. “Three-in-10 MSPs surveyed by CompTIA ranked managed services as the leading generator of revenue in the previous 12 months, second to the 44 percent that pointed to IT solutions…”

Resist the Need to Bargain shop for Managed IT Services. Choose a Managed Services Provider that takes your business needs into account, not just technological needs. You want services that are going to provide growth to your company, in addition to fixing your present tech issues. When a Service Provider gets you to sign a universal business agreement used for all customers, that is not a good sign. You want a custom agreement that is catered to your business and future needs.

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