Noetic Tactical Workspace

The Noetic Tactical Workspace (NTW) provides a fully integrated solution for CSfC site-to-site connectivity; NTW not only provides a solution to replace legacy encryption devices, the NTW accommodates workgroup access to secure network extensions. NTW is equipped with a Zero client to interoperate with an existing VMware View environment allowing full access to secure networks minimizing security vulnerabilities by not storing any data.

This mobile communications package enables teams to share secure information on the move in any operational environment. NTW utilizes a DC input ranging from 6-34V supporting a wide variety of power sources to include standard 12V vehicle power, Solar Panels, etc. The standard power option is one Lithium Ion battery providing up to 98Wh with a secondary battery option available. NTW requires no HAIPE devices and utilizes next-generation technology leveraging commercial off the shelf products
for encryption.

(CSfC – Commercial Solutions for Classified). Security is maximized because no secure information resides on the NTW.

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