VMware Tackles Complexity of Multi-Cloud Environments

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Expanding their portfolio and their arsenal of cloud tools, VMware has announced its first global expansion, VMware Cloud on AWS. Combining their cloud services with Amazon Web Services, they strive to support a set of new and existing products and applications that rely heavily on cloud services. To assist with these products, they have begun implementing 2 new products and 2 upgraded products; VMware Hybrid Cloud Extension for Private Cloud, VMware Log Intelligence, Wavefront by VMware, and VMware Cost Insight. With the introduction of a monitoring and analytics platform, a cost monitoring and optimization service, cloud environments for self-managed private data centers, and scans for behavior and infrastructure health, VMware is taking their conquest global and are providing a consistent set of tools for their public. Stating that “VMware and WMware Cloud on AWS are the foundation of Brink’s global infrastructure” by Greg Osgood, VMware Cloud on AWS is creating a path to become a pivotal key in the expansion and transformation of business and technology.

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