2023’s Essential Cybersecurity Trends

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In 2021, the market for cybersecurity services around the planet was worth about $150 billion. However, experts are predicting that this industry will grow by more than 13% each year on average, at least until 2027. By then, the market will have more than doubled in value to be worth about $317 billion!

Although that may be exciting for the cybersecurity industry, it points to concerning cybersecurity trends. After all, why is there so much growing demand for protection against cyberattacks?

There are many signs that cybercrime is on the rise. Not only that, but new advancements in technology may make it even easier for cybercriminals to target businesses as well as individuals.

At the same time, cybersecurity experts are working on the most powerful cyber defenses ever made. It is an unforgettable time in the history of cybersecurity.

Read on to learn all about the top cybersecurity trends in 2023 to track!

AI Is Transforming Business IT Solutions

2023 may go down in history as one of the most important years in the development of technology. In March, new forms of AI astounded the world with results that rivaled the abilities of humans in many ways.

Some AI systems passed legal and business exams with flying colors. Others created new forms of visual art that were far superior to those of many human artists. On top of that, new AI systems are starting to work in music and other forms of non-visual art as well.

In the coming years, we can expect an explosion in the widespread use of AI systems. Gone are the days when we could tell jokes mocking the stilted and unconvincing chatbots of years past.

Some AI experts have even called for slowing down or stopping the development of more advanced AI systems.

We are still in the early stages of seeing how these advancements in technology will play out. However, it is likely that we will also see a trend of concern about how new AI systems might cause cybersecurity and other problems.

Business Attack Surfaces Are Growing

The world was already going digital when the coronavirus pandemic hit. The pandemic only accelerated this trend.

These days, more and more people are interested in remote work. Businesses are still learning about how to expand their systems to integrate employees working from remote locations.

However, we have also seen a concerning rise in cybercriminal activities. As more and more people work remotely, the potential attack surfaces of many companies go way up. At this point, some businesses have given up on trying to reduce their attack services and shifted their attention to other defenses against cybercrime.

Cybercriminals have also started using ransomware more often than in the past.

Ransomware is a type of malware that installs itself in computer systems. It then identifies essential data and stores a copy of it elsewhere. After that, the ransomware deletes the essential data from the original system.

It finishes up by sending a demand for ransom money if the victim wants access to their essential data again.

Criminals are now using ransomware attacks on individuals, businesses, and even hospitals and government buildings. As these attacks become more common, it is essential that more businesses adapt and learn from the damage done to others.

People Are Focusing More on App Security

People are now using apps on their phones for more and more everyday activities. At the same time, an increasing number of businesses are developing their own apps.

Sometimes a business will have one or more apps for customers while having another app for employees. However, this is another way that the attack surface of many businesses is going up.

As app use becomes more common, criminals are beginning to target apps more than ever before.

Many businesses have a philosophy of moving fast and breaking things. They figure that the most important thing is to get a functional app up and running. After that, they can work on removing bugs and adding security protections.

However, there is an increasing prevalence of zero-day attacks. Businesses may need to slow down their app development and invest in more cybersecurity.

Cloud Security Is on the Rise

When people first started using the cloud, there were concerns about its security. However, since then, many experts have concluded that the cloud provides better security than most alternatives. At the same time, the more people depend on the cloud for their security, the bigger a target it becomes for criminal activity.

Cloud use has been growing at an amazing rate in recent years. However, this does mean that some cloud companies are scrambling to adapt to higher demand. This may make some cloud companies more vulnerable to cyberattacks.

Mobile Phones Are Becoming Valuable Targets

Many bank customers never even bother to visit their physical bank anymore. Mobile phones have made visiting the bank and even the grocery store unnecessary. However, our increasing use of and dependence on mobile phones turns them into valuable targets for cybercriminals.

As criminals target mobile phones more and more, businesses are discovering that the phone of every employee and company leader is a potential vulnerability. Until we devote more attention to mobile phone cybersecurity, there is a good chance that criminals will continue to trend toward focusing on mobile phone attacks.

Smart Homes Are Vulnerable Targets

When a new technology comes out, people often do not think about the potential vulnerabilities of it for years. This often means that it takes years for criminals to start targeting new vulnerabilities as well. Smart home devices are a great example of this.

As more and more people are enjoying the convenience of home automation tools, cybercriminals are beginning to take notice. We are also seeing an increase in the number of automated vehicles at the same time. All of these new technologies provide criminals with new ways to infiltrate our networks and steal our data.

Remote Business IT Solutions Are Necessary

Cybercriminals are now targeting remote workers with multi-pronged attacks. Remote workers sometimes receive messages through email, text messages, and social media as part of a single larger attack.

This trend makes it more important than ever that employees receive thorough training and cybersecurity best practices.

Insurance Provides IT Solutions for Small Businesses

As cybersecurity concerns continue to rise, more companies are finding refuge in cyber insurance. In the long run, our society needs technology that can protect us from cybercriminals. In the short term, insurance can be the perfect way for a vulnerable business to decrease its risk of succumbing to a cyberattack.

However, not every company is ready to qualify for cyber insurance. Qualifying requires that a company invest in at least basic cybersecurity measures.

Zero Trust Networks Are Growing

The zero trust network philosophy is that you always verify every user. These networks are continuing to become more popular. Some people expect that they will become the dominant form of network security within the next several years.

AI Augments IT Infrastructure Services

We spoke earlier about the potential dangers of AI. However, most people are looking for ways to use AI for our benefit. AI can also be a powerful tool for helping us augment our cybersecurity.

Top cybersecurity services are already integrating AI tools into their threat analysis and response processes. Many businesses favor working with IT solutions consulting services that offer protection augmented by AI.

IT Experts Use Fewer Attack Detection Tools

In the past, attack detection tools were a staple of cybersecurity. However, AI is changing this historical trend. It is now becoming possible for criminals to infiltrate businesses through any part of their digital ecosystem.

As company attack surfaces grow, that means it is almost impossible to predict attacks in advance. This is another reason that cybersecurity services are integrating AI into their systems. AI can respond to any attack anywhere at a moment’s notice.

More Companies Rely on Technology Business Consultants

The general trend of cybersecurity is toward more complicated processes. That means it is more difficult for businesses to handle cybersecurity on their own.

More companies are already deciding to outsource their cybersecurity needs. In the years to come, that trend will likely continue.

Follow the Top Cybersecurity Trends in 2023

Keeping up to date with the latest cybersecurity trends is essential if you want to see potential problems coming and head them off in advance. Many people do not learn about advancements in cybersecurity vulnerabilities until they are the victim of one. However, as technology continues to evolve faster and faster, it is essential that we be proactive about protecting our data and digital presence.

To learn more about how you can find the best cybersecurity protection for your business, reach out and get in touch with us here at any time!

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