Meet with NTG at AFCEA TechNet Cyber

AFCEA TechNet Cyber | Baltimore Convention Center | June 25-27, 2024
Meet with NTG at Booth #2405
Schedule a dedicated meeting with our team of cybersecurity specialists who possess in-depth experience safeguarding critical government infrastructure. Learn how NTG's proven track record supporting clients like the Pentagon and the National Security Council translates into robust solutions that can address your agency's unique cybersecurity challenges. Plus, explore advanced network solutions with Ruckus Networks!
checkmarkLeverage Federal Expertise: Learn from NTG's experience supporting high-profile federal clients and gain insights into best practices for securing government infrastructure.
checkmarkOutpace the Threat: Explore how NTG's solutions can help you align your cybersecurity strategy with evolving threats, adapt your defenses to stay ahead of the curve, and accelerate your incident response capabilities.
checkmarkAdvanced Networking Expertise: Discover how together NTG and Ruckus can elevate your government network's security, performance, and reliability.
checkmarkComplimentary Security Consultation: Schedule a free security assessment to identify potential vulnerabilities and explore how NTG can help you fortify your defenses.