Security Incident & Event Managed Services

NTG prides ourselves on providing a holistic, proactive approach toward SIEM that is built around NTG’s security pillars.

NTG’s Managed SIEM solution delivers unparalleled oversight of your IT infrastructure, offering round-the-clock monitoring and detection of security threats and anomalies. This robust solution serves dual key purposes:

  • Real-time detection of security incidents to ensure immediate response.
  • Efficient log management for thorough data analysis.

NTG’s SIEM solution aggregates and analyzes data from diverse network devices, identifying potential security breaches and unusual activity patterns through advanced correlation techniques. It not only facilitates real-time threat analysis but also provides comprehensive monthly reports. This dual approach empowers our clients with effective risk management, transforming raw data into actionable security intelligence.

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Optimize Threat Detection with NTG’s SIEM Solution
  • Detect internal and external threats swiftly.
  • Monitor privileged user activities and access to resources.
  • Deliver comprehensive compliance reporting.
  • Enhance support for incident response.
  • Maintain and support the AlienVault SIEM platform.
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NTG’s Security Pillars
NTG’s Security Pillars
NTG’s SIEM solution is supported by our specialized server which, when installed in our client’s network, provides our tools with secure access to monitor and backup network device configurations and provide continuous availability in monitoring. Tracking device configurations allows NTG to immediately identify configuration changes that may be related to an incident and when appropriate, restore the previous configuration to restore functionality. NTG prides itself on providing a holistic, proactive approach toward SIEM that is built around NTG’s security pillars.
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• Log Collection
• OTX Threat Data
• SIEM Event Correlation
• Incident Response
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Asset Discovery
• Active Network Scanning
• Passive Network Scanning
• Asset Inventory
• Software Inventory
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Vulnerability Assessment
• Continuous Vulnerability Monitoring
• Authenticated Active Scanning
• Unauthenticated Active Scanning
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Threat Detection
• Network IDS (NIDS)
• Host IDS (HIDS)
• File Integrity Monitoring (FIM)
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Behavioral Monitoring
• Netflow Analysis
• Service Availability Monitoring
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Forensics and Recovery
• Device Availability
• Device Configuration Changes
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Some MSPs have tried to unseat our partnership with NTG. It’s like they’re trying to sell me a Honda when I’ve already got a Rolls Royce.
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Harry Vasquez, IT Director
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NTG’s engineering staff is second to none. I’d recommend them to anybody looking for an ironclad network solution.
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Ray Wright, CIO
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NTG is invaluable to the Pentagon's security operations. They've tripled the efficiency of our extensive firewall perimeter. We're lucky to have them.
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Prime Contractor of DISA JSP II
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