Unlocking Ransomware Resilience with NTG and Halcyon

The World’s First Cyber Resilience Platform

NTG and Halcyon have joined forces to offer a robust solution, combining NTG’s unparalleled Managed Security Services with Halcyon’s cutting-edge Cyber Resilience Platform. Our partnership aims to revolutionize security operations with a compact, high-performance agent that is immune to unhooking. We’re building a future-proof security platform that’s smarter, not larger.

Limitations of Traditional Security Programs

The onslaught of ransomware attacks has created a dire need for innovative solutions. Traditional security measures often fall short, leaving businesses vulnerable to costly attacks that can compromise both their data and operational continuity.

  • Human error and legacy tech debt
  • Highly effective threat operators, such as Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS) organizations
  • Recovery-specific limitations
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Cyber Resilience
Filling Critical Security Gaps with True Resilience
Defensive Resilience
Strengthen your security stack with enhanced detection and prevention capabilities. Amplify threat signals, patch gaps, and inoculate fleets in real-time against spreading threats. Safeguard against bypass and evasion tactics, including EDR API unhooking.
Operational Resilience
Provides swift recovery after security setbacks, especially from ransomware attacks. Offers automated key capture and decryption for rapid restoration and real-time resilience with self-healing tech to minimize the impact.
Data Resilience
Prevents large-scale data theft by correlating suspicious process data with NetFlow data. It restricts data exfiltration beyond defined thresholds, making mass theft difficult for incoming threats.