IT Asset Lifecycle Management

Ensure Optimal Use of IT Assets from acquisition to end-of-life with our cost saving lifestyle management services.
Asset Lifecycle Management
Increase Efficiency and Enhance Security

Effective asset management is crucial for ensuring the optimal use of IT assets, reducing costs, and enhancing cybersecurity posture. Equipment doesn’t last forever, and closely tracking lifecycles has lasting benefits across all departments of an organization. ITAM helps identify redundant, obsolete, or underutilized resources that can be repurposed or retired, leading to reduced capotal and operational expenses. It also helps predict future IT expenditures based on the performance of current assets.

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NTG’s engineering staff is second to none. I’d recommend them to anybody looking for an ironclad network solution.
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Ray Wright, CIO
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Some MSPs have tried to unseat our partnership with NTG. It’s like they’re trying to sell me a Honda when I’ve already got a Rolls Royce.
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Harry Vasquez, IT Director
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Strengthen Your Cybersecurity

ITAM bolsters cybersecurity by ensuring assets are regularly updated, patched, and replaced as needed to thwart security risks. Our services encompass safe asset decommissioning, ensuring sensitive data is securely erased or destroyed. Furthermore, lifecycle management furnishes crucial data for strategic IT planning, enabling informed decisions on purchasing, infrastructure, and technology deployment. NTG specializes in managing asset lifecycles for commercial and government entities, boasting a track record of over 99.5% uptime, enhanced security, and substantial cost savings.