Hurricane Season – Is your Business Prepared?

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In 2005, Hurricane Katrina set records as the most destructive storm of the 21st century, with more than $40 billion in insured losses. It’s estimated that one-quarter or businesses in the New Orleans area never reopened their doors.

All business owners should protect their businesses and should have an emergency plan ready. Protect your data! Make sure you have all important data safely backed up at all times. Here at NTG, we can provide you with the security you need to ensure that your data remains protected. When using NTG’s Infinity Cloud Services, you can feel relief in knowing that your IT Infrastructure is secure and protected. Know how to contact us! Either by phone, email, or our customer portal.

Business Considerations:

  1. You may lose power to your building or get prevented from entering your building. Have us or your IT resource turn off all servers and network equipment.
  2. Turn off all office equipment; desktops, printers, and battery backup power (they will die if left on).
  3. Have an operational secondary IT site, where everything can be accessed from anywhere.
  4. Document and communicate to your staff where your data and apps will be available while the area is recovering from possible damage.

Communication Considerations:

  1. Have a call-in number for employees to check on the status of the office
  2. Executive team should have all customer contact information to update them on your recovery
  3. Prioritize your resources to support your customers based on their recovery needs, some may take longer than others
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