Empowering Child Services: A Managed IT Transformation

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About the Company:

A leading Child Services Provider with a national presence across 157 locations, managing over 200 network infrastructure devices. Specializing in comprehensive child services, the organization focuses on delivering exceptional care through a vast network, necessitating a robust IT framework to support its critical operations.

The Challenge:

The organization struggled with tactical monitoring and management of its expansive networking environment, burdening the Senior IT staff who needed to concentrate on strategic initiatives. Years of effort to maintain reliable network services for business operations had led to significant day-to-day frustrations for both the IT and business staff. The search was on for a trusted partner to integrate with the existing IT team, ensuring seamless support and alleviating operational pressures.

The Solution:

NTG stepped in to develop a customized managed services plan, introducing a monitored and managed environment supported by our 24/7 Network Operations and Security Center (NOSC). This plan was designed to complement the organization’s IT staff by taking over the daily management of the infrastructure, allowing them to focus on strategic IT planning. The engagement provided the client with access to NTG’s wide-ranging engineering expertise, without the added cost of full-time employees (FTEs) with specialized qualifications.


Our onboarding process involved deploying teams to all 157 locations, documenting the existing infrastructure, updating inventory records, identifying infrastructure shortfalls, and integrating all data into the NTG database. Senior engineering staff then assessed the environment, offering recommendations for improvements. In close collaboration with the client’s IT staff and other service providers, NTG initiated enhancements to the infrastructure while ensuring ongoing monitoring and management.


After nearly three years of partnership, NTG has solidified its role as a trusted advisor, achieving marked improvements in network redundancy and business continuity. The collaboration has led to a significant reduction in annual maintenance costs and enhanced efficiency in network service delivery, demonstrating NTG’s commitment to supporting the client’s mission of providing exceptional child services.


Through dedicated teamwork and a tailored managed services approach, NTG has not only met the foundational IT needs of the Child Services Provider but has also contributed to the organization’s strategic growth and operational excellence. This case study exemplifies the transformative power of strategic IT partnership in supporting and advancing the missions of organizations dedicated to critical public services.


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