The story of providing co-managed Services


NTG was approached by a Child Services Healthcare provider with 157 locations nationally and more than 200 overall Network Infrastructure devices to help them and their IT staff gain control of their networking environment. This customer needed better tactical monitoring and management of their infrastructure so that the Senior IT staff could focus on more strategic operations. After years of fighting to provide reliable network services to the business staff, the customer was looking for a trusted partner to help alleviate day to day frustrations for both the IT and business staff. This required first understanding the client’s business, their business and technical challenges and then creating a plan to integrate with their existing IT team to provide seamless support to the businesses staff. NTG developed a managed services plan that provided a monitoring and managed environment through our 24/7 Network Operations and Security Center (NOSC) which supported the organization’s IT staff and creating a collaborative environment with all the organization’s IT providers. This plan offered the customer with a solution that fulfilled the desired requirement of alleviating existing IT staff of day-to-day management of the infrastructure so they could focus on more strategic IT requirements. NTG’s plan not only delivered on the base requirements but it also expanded the customer’s level of expertise because once the customer accepted the plan, they then had access to NTG’s broad range of engineering expertise, without the burdens of bringing on FTE’s with those qualifications. Through a collaborative period of reviewing and refining the plan the customer engaged NTG and onboarding began. NTG sent onboarding teams out to the customers 157 locations where NTG documented the customer’s infrastructure, verified and edited the inventory as the customer knew it, assessed shortfalls in the infrastructure design and input all the customer’s data into the NTG database. NTG’s senior engineering staff reviewed the documentation and provided an initial assessment of the customer’s environment along with recommendations for improvement. Working closely with the customer’s IT staff and other IT services providers NTG began to work improvements on the customer’s infrastructure all while performing day-to-day monitoring and management of that infrastructure. After nearly 3 years of working side-by-side with this customer and their IT staff in the trenches of day-to-day operations NTG has proven to be a trusted partner for this organization. We have improved redundancy and business continuity of their networking infrastructure, reduced their annual cost of maintenance, and provided efficiency in the delivery of their network services to the business.