FortiCloud: NTG’s Network Management Solution

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Fortinet is an industry leader in the network hardware and software space, they are renowned for their complete product matrix. A popular offering of theirs is the FortiGate Cloud service. The FortiCloud solution is a management as-a-service suite of cloud portals that enable customers to gain access and manage their different Fortinet products and services, from a single site.

For most business owners managing and provisioning company or customer networks is their most important and many times most difficult task. With a complete FortiNet ecosystem you would implement a FortiGate Firewall, FortiSwitches, and Fortigate Wireless Access Points (WAP), The FortiCloud service allows you to deploy, configure, manage, and maintain all your firewalls, switches and WAPs in one place for ease of manageability. The Fortigate line up boasts key features such as management tools, deployment tools, analytics, and a single-pane visibility that permits a single interface to deploy and manage your Fortigate Cloud, FortiNet AP, Switches from a single window. The feature allows businesses with a single firewall or multiple firewalls to manage their entire security ecosystem at once.

Some benefits of Customizable Dashboards provide a breakdown of network traffic, bandwidth usage, users, sources and threats, being able to switch between cloud service platforms easily and safely, have a higher visibility of support tickets across customers and products, and Manage login and account settings for all users. Being able to seamlessly unify your Fortinet integrations allows you to have a single point of management and control, including advanced reporting and quick filters to see how applications, websites, and users impact your network so you can identify and remediate issues faster.

“As an MSP, having access to monitor, manage and configure our customers network; with an easy-to-use interface that can be used anywhere there is internet access is invaluable. Saves us resources and makes us more responsive to our customers needs and issues.” Charlie Fults, Security Manager Northern Technologies Group

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