NTG & Fortinet: Cybersecurity Experts Partnering with A Global Leader in Cybersecurity

NTG, a Fortinet Expert Partner, has designed and maintained some of the world’s most secure networks for over 20 years in both the federal and commercial sectors.

As organizations sprint towards digitalization, their network complexity and vulnerability grow and cyber threats become more innovative and automated. Fortinet’s Security Fabric has got you covered with its convergence and consolidation concepts that offer comprehensive cybersecurity, protecting all applications, devices, and users across every network edge. The IT experts at NTG are Fortinet Expert Partners offering well-rounded cybersecurity services nationwide through Forticloud. We deliver the secure, high-performing user-to-application connection businesses need.

NTG Delivers Cybersecurity Solutions Through FortiCloud


Security-Driven Networking

Fortinet’s Security-driven Networking strategy provides a robust integration of network infrastructure and innovative cybersecurity features. This empowers organizations to scale and adapt without sacrificing data protection. This next-gen approach is indispensable in effectively guarding today’s rapidly evolving environments. It ensures smooth, seamless defense across flexible perimeters, while also interweaving cybersecurity throughout the entire network architecture.


Cloud Security

Digital acceleration remains a prominent pursuit for organizations as they expand their application journeys to encompass numerous clouds, virtual, and physical data centers. However, the drawback of this approach is the increased operational complexity, visibility loss, and potential for misconfigurations, which ultimately lead to cybersecurity hazards. Fear not, for Fortinet Cloud Security provides the perfect solution for enhancing digital acceleration by securing any application, on any cloud, trivializing the cybersecurity issue.


Zero Trust Access

The increase in insecure or unverified devices connecting to the network, combined with a series of cybersecurity breaches resulting from stolen credentials, has pushed trust beyond its limits. Thankfully, Fortinet Network Access solutions are here to secure your devices and allow you to oversee and manage them across the whole network effortlessly.

Endpoint Security

The contemporary approach to endpoint cybersecurity lies in the perfect combination of behavior-based endpoint protection, detection, and response. Fortinet’s genius use of multiple machine learning and deep learning technologies backs all three functions at each endpoint, making it the ideal choice for companies who prioritize cybersecurity.

Operational Technology

As industrial networks collide with internet-connected corporate networks through adoption of novel digital technologies, the convergence of operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT) results in a surge of agentless IoT devices. Organizations need to prioritize cybersecurity to mitigate risks. Luckily, Fortinet’s Security Fabric offers an all-encompassing safeguard against OT/IT cybersecurity breaches.

Small Mid-Sized Businesses

The Fortinet Security Fabric ensures complete protection exactly where you need it with a simple environment crafted to maximize simplicity. Thanks to Fortinet’s native integration, automation, and cloud management, you get the necessary capabilities to deliver results without sacrificing performance. Experience a hassle-free cybersecurity solution with the Fortinet Security Fabric today.