NTG Alert: Don’t Get Hooked By Scams

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You and your devices are extremely valuable to cyber criminals, and they will do anything they can to hack them. The most effective way to stop and detect phishing is YOU! Watch out for suspicious emails or messages at your work and home.

Phishing Indicators:

  1. Check the email address to see if it is a legitimate organization. If the email address is from a personal account like “@gmail.com” or @hotmail.com”, then this is most likely an attack.
  2. Be suspicious of emails that begin with “Dear Customer” or other generic openings. Also, ask yourself if you are expecting an email from this person or company.
  3. Be suspicious of grammar or spelling errors, most companies would proofread their emails before hitting send.
  4. Watch out for emails that insist on immediate action. This is a common technique to rush people into making a mistake. Also, most companies would not ask for any personal information.
  5. Be watchful of links. If you hover over the link, without clicking it, and it shows a different website than what it reads, this is most likely an attack.
  6. Be watchful of attachments. Only open attachments that you are expecting or would expect to be sent to you.
  7. Also, watch for messages that sound too good to be true. They usually are.
  8. Be cautious even with emails from friends, they may have had their account hacked. Call them first to verify they sent that email.
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