Benefits of Improving your Cybersecurity

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If you own a business, you probably do some sort of eCommerce and have a company website. You’ve built up a good and loyal customer base that’s constantly expanding based on trust and a good reputation. Well, did you know that one hacker can ruin all of this and more for your business in just a few seconds? The only way you can protect yourself from hackers is through improved cybersecurity.

But wait! Is cybersecurity really smart enough to protect your business?

Cybersecurity, in most organizations, is still in its infancy. Hackers are smart and are always figuring out better and more clever ways to get around many security measures. That’s why you must improve your cybersecurity

Why does your company need cybersecurity anyway?

Well, if you’re like most homeowners you have an alarm system. The logic is simple. It’s may be unlikely that your house will be broken into, but you’re protected in case it ever does happen. Well, the same logic applies to cybersecurity, only cyber attacks are a lot more common than home break-ins are. They also do a lot more damage than most home robberies do.

You have got all types of sensitive information on your computer if you’re doing any type of eCommerce. This ranges from social security numbers to credit card numbers and birth dates. All of this can be disastrous if it falls in the wrong hands. Even worse, a breach of information can leave you vulnerable to damaging lawsuits from your customers. Who needs that? You certainly don’t!

The stakes are even higher if you own any type of healthcare organization. In that instance, you store personal information, protected health information, and other highly sensitive information. Did you know that your business can be fined or even shut down by the government if this information ever falls into the wrong hands? Improved cybersecurity measures protect your clients, your business, and you from situations like these.

Benefits of improving your organization’s cybersecurity

Now that you’re better aware of the risks of ignoring the importance of protecting your business from cyber attacks with the help of the latest cybersecurity techniques, what are the benefits of improving your cybersecurity?

1. You can protect your brand better

Having a great brand and building your reputation are only half of the battle when trying to acquire new customers and keep existing ones. These customers must trust you if you want them to want to continue to do business with you.

Well, cyberattacks and breaches of information make you vulnerable to having your customers lose the trust you worked so hard to build. They’ll be eager to flock to your competitors. This is backed by the hard statistics. 87% of companies reported that stronger cybersecurity and investment in their IT infrastructure helped them make more money by strengthening their brands’ reputation. Whereas 60% of small businesses that suffered a cyber attack go under within six months.

2. Your business will be much more productive

Your employees will be able to work much more efficiently at their computers and they’ll get more work done every day as a result. You won’t have to worry that an employee working from home or accessing something from a different location will result in a cyber attack.

3. Your computer is safer

Certain attacks that hackers can use on corporate networks can actually damage computers’ hardware. In some cases, this can make them work slowly or worse. This could significantly slow or even stop your work flow, creating a domino effect of expenses that add up. You could end up losing sales in the process.

4. Your business will keep its good reputation

You’ve worked hard to build a good reputation; you do good work in a timely fashion and deliver great results to your customers. That’s what keeps them coming back and new ones rolling in. Once your level of service changes, so does your reputation. Once satisfied customers could decide to take their business to a company that’s more consistent.

Once your business’ reputation is ruined this way, it’s an uphill battle to build it back up, especially if your online reviews suffer as a result. You’ll find that generally speaking, it’s very difficult for clever advertising, no matter how extensive, targeted, and well thought out it is, will be able to undo a string of bad Google reviews.

This not only results in lost sales for you, it can and will result in you losing core customers. You’ll also find that it will be harder to acquire new customers. If you want to avoid any such situation, you have to ensure your company’s network security.

5. Your website will continue to load and operate at the speed of light

Most statistics indicate that websites that don’t load in a couple of seconds or less tend to have high bounce rates. This is especially true on mobile devices.

Now that most people look at websites on their mobile devices, you want your site to load and operate at lightning-fast speed. Viruses, spyware, ransomware, and other attacks commonly used by hackers could slow your website down considerably.

It’s not unheard of for a website that’s been hacked to take several minutes to load. Your customers and visitors will get frustrated quickly and they won’t hesitate to move on. This leaves the door wide open for your competitors to acquire customers that would have come to you first.

These attacks can do more than hurt your bottom line over time. There are chances this would soon put you out of business.

6. Remote working is here to stay

The truth is that most companies have or have had their employees work remotely since the Covid-19 pandemic.

Stay-at-home mandates were put in place, but businesses began to operate remotely as best they could, in some cases, for years. Since then, some employees and businesses have liked the flexibility that working from home offered them.

After all, it reduces many office expenses and allows parents to be home for their children if necessary. Many people have gotten used to the convenience of working from home, finding that in some cases they’re even more productive. Now, many people are looking solely for remote work and are looking for those employers who have embraced work-from-home opportunities.

Improving your cybersecurity strengthens your network. If your business uses cloud computing software, you have to provide the robust cybersecurity because there are higher chances of cyberattacks.

Providing a secure network to your staff will empower them to be more productive when they work remotely because they will be confident they have all the resources that will keep both of you safe from hackers. Offering a secure work-from-home experience benefits your business, your employees, and makes you more attractive to job seekers.

Make sure that your company is protected from cyber attacks by making it a priority to improve your cybersecurity. Maintain your customers and your credibility, and keep hackers out.

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