John Hafner
Vice President and Chief Information Officer

John Hafner, CCIE(tm) No. 7709 is Vice President & Chief Information Officer. He has 25 years of business, sales, and telecommunications experience. He has created a thriving business that provides IT solutions for DoD and corporate clients throughout the world. Mr. Hafner is directly responsible for the creation, management, and day to day operations of the sales group within NTG. John and his associates have formed over 75 partnerships with leading IT vendors allowing NTG to provide a vast array of solution sets to our clientele. Additionally during his tenure at NTG, he has performed at one time or another as Director of Business Development, and Director of operations.

John has specialized expertise in providing enterprise networking solution sets that include WAN/LAN/VoIP/Security/Datacenter technologies across a vast array of vendors (Cisco, Brocade, Juniper, and HP). He has provided turn-key solutions to many of NTG’s clientele throughout the world for DoD and corporate clients. He has designed and implemented solutions for over 600+ locations, datacenters inside Iraq and Afghanistan, and provided communications kits and support to VIP clientele inside Iraq and Afghanistan.