Hurricane Season - Is your Business Prepared? | 2018-09-05

In 2005, Hurricane Katrina set records as the most destructive storm of the 21st century, with more than $40 billion in insured losses. It's estimated that one-quarter or businesses in the New Orleans area never reopened their doors.

Don't Get Hooked! | 2018-05-09

You and your devices are extremely valuable to cyber criminals, and they will do anything they can to hack them. The most effective way to stop and detect phishing is YOU! Watch out for suspicious emails or messages at your work and home.

VMware Tackles Complexity of Multi-Cloud Environments | 2018-03-21

Expanding their portfolio and their arsenal of cloud tools, VMware has announced its first global expansion, VMware Cloud on AWS. Combining their cloud services with Amazon Web Services, they strive to support a set of new and existing products and applications that rely heavily on cloud services. To assist with these products, they have begun implementing 2 new products and 2 upgraded products; VMware Hybrid Cloud Extension for Private Cloud, VMware Log Intelligence, Wavefront by VMware, and VMware Cost Insight.

What is Microsegmentation? How getting Granular Improves Network Security | 2018-02-01

"Microsegmentation is a method of creating secure zones in data centers and cloud deployments that allows companies to isolate workloads from one another and secure them individually."

This Network Segmentation is not a new idea however, industries have implemented Virtual Local Area Networks (VLAN), Firewalls, Access Control Lists (ACL), etc. Individual separations lead to individual processes leading to a greater resistance to cyber attack. What makes Microsegmentation different is that is breaks it down even more. "Microsegmentation lets you do more fine-grained segmentation".

Spectre and Meltdown exploits | 2018-01-10

On January 3rd, of 2018, two industry-wide hardware-based vulnerabilities were disclosed, they are known as the Meltdown and Spectre exploits. These vulnerabilities affect almost all personal and business-class Intel, AMD and ARM processors (CPU’s) manufactured since January 1995. If exploited, these vulnerabilities do not allow a hacker to gain remote access to a device, instead they allow a hacker to gain information stored in the memory of the device.

Enterprise Network Trends to Watch for 2018! | 2017-12-04

What can we expect in the coming year of 2018?!

Expect these new HighTech adoptions: software-defined WAN, hybrid cloud computing, hyperconvergence, and Internet of Things.






How to Get the Most from a Managed IT Services Provider | 2017-11-14

As the managed services provider market matures, CIOs should resist the urge to go with the lowest-cost provider in favor of partners that understand your business and can help you achieve strategic goals.

Managed Services growth is steady. Currently, it is the second most popular business model for all industries as of 2017. "Three-in-10 MSPs surveyed by CompTIA ranked managed services as the leading generator of revenue in the previous 12 months, second to the 44 percent that pointed to IT solutions..."

Sheriff Chris Nocco's Fishing For Families 2017 | 2017-11-08

NTG was an Event Sponsor for the Pasco Sheriff's Office last Friday on a Fishing Charity Tournament. Six representatives from NTG signed up as anglers to catch three categories of fish: Redfish, Snook, and Trout. Even though we are not the best at reeling them in, NTG gave it there all to benefit our community as well as our beautiful, Florida environment.

Cloud Migration Motivates Boards on Cyber Security | 2017-10-26

A new survey has found that IT decision makers still don't think that their company boards consider Cyber Security as serious as it is. Even though almost all businesses have has some sort of security breach, big or small, in the last two years.

NTG Achieves Cisco Gold! | 2016-03-22

LUTZ, FL., March 30, 2016 — NTG, Inc. announced that it has earned Gold Certification from Cisco Systems. To earn Gold certification, NTG was required to meet or exceed the rigorous service, support, customer satisfaction and networking ability standards set forth by Cisco.

“We are proud to receive the Gold Partner status from Cisco,” said Wendy Hafner, president of NTG. “It’s testament to the engineering excellence and superior customer support NTG has come to be known for, now with enhanced support from Cisco.”