EDR | Endpoint Detection & Response | 2021-04-13

Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR)

A term that has gained visibility in the Cyber Security world recently is EDR or Endpoint Detection and Response. One of the drivers for EDRs popularity is due to the increased number of users working from home. EDR has an agent on the user’s device that can respond in real time to threats stopping them at the user’s device (the endpoint), before a threat makes it to the network where it could expand.

Cloud based Voice Collaboration is calling, answer the phone. | 2021-03-26

Cloud based Voice Collaboration is calling, answer the phone.

Many businesses still use cost heavy on-premise VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) telephone systems, though trends are evolving into Cloud-based management for their lower operating cost and ease of maintenance.

On-Premise Phone Systems

FortiCloud Network Management Tool | 2021-03-18

FortiCloud Network Management Tool

Fortinet is an industry leader in the network hardware and software space, they are renowned for their complete product matrix. A popular offering of theirs is the FortiGate Cloud service. The FortiCloud solution is a management as-a-service suite of cloud portals that enable customers to gain access and manage their different Fortinet products and services, from a single site.

Women's History Month | 2021-03-15

Women's History Month

The month of March is known as Women’s History Month. Every year it highlights the contributions of women to culture, history, and modern society. The U.S formalized this celebration in 1987 to recognize achievements by women who have made an impact in the world we live in today.

6 Ideas to Reduce Workload | 2021-03-11

6 Ideas to Reduce Your Workload Through Co-Managed IT Services

The idea of reducing your workload may seem utopic when your time and resources are completely consumed, but it is not impossible. When we find ourselves “in the weeds” the best decision we can make is to take a moment to reorganize our priorities and try to understand our pain points better so we can move forward more diligently with our tasks. The following will provide you with 6 thoughts on how to reduce your workload through Co-managed IT Services.

Winning through Co-managed Services | 2021-03-09

Winning Through Co-managed IT Services

Microsoft Exchange Security Exploit | 2021-03-03

Microsoft Exchange 0-Day Security Exploit

NTG recently learned of multiple urgent security patches for Microsoft Exchange that are needed to prevent issues currently being exploited by a Chinese state sponsored hacker group. Microsoft has assessed HAFNIUM to be responsible for the "0-day" exploits, basing their beliefs on victimology tactics and procedure.

From Frustration to Satisfaction | Case Study | 2021-02-11

From Frustration to Satisfaction | Case Study

3 Reasons why you should opt for Co-Managed IT (Information Technology) Services | 2021-02-02

3 Reasons why you should opt for Co-Managed IT Services

As a business leader your main objective is to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to industry standards and best practices. This means you are constantly striving to achieve maximum efficiency and effectiveness with all your decisions.

Hurricane Season - Is your Business Prepared? | 2018-09-05

In 2005, Hurricane Katrina set records as the most destructive storm of the 21st century, with more than $40 billion in insured losses. It's estimated that one-quarter or businesses in the New Orleans area never reopened their doors.