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NTC (Noetic Tactical Cloud)

The NTC is an all-inclusive service delivery solution providing complete data center capabilities in a single integrated unit. Connect your existing LAN infrastructure with either 10Gbs or 1Gbs Ethernet to access a complete virtualized application suite using best of breed technologies. The “data center in a box” approach eliminates costly R&D efforts with many wasted man-hours of integration and hardware interoperability discovery and resolution. Here are a few highlights of what this solution offers:

It is comprised of commercial off the shelf (COTS) components protected within a 5 RU (rack unit) case allowing for quick deployment and extraction. The front of the unit incorporates an air filtration system to prevent drawing in environmental dust and dirt, and the externally serviced filter allows easy maintenance while operating in austere environments.

  • No Integration Required
  • The NTC includes Compute, Switching Fabric and Storage in one self-contained platform.
  • Extremely High Performance
  • Sufficient compute and storage to support up to 1,000 users
  • Extremely Low Power, Cooling and Space Requirements
  • Operates on less than 1.5KW
  • Requires only 8.75” of full-depth rack space

Mil-spec connectors allow for Ethernet and Fiber Channel connectivity to existing data center infrastructure, plus console access to devices within the unit.

NTC (Noetic Tactical Cloud)

This high performance, customizable server and storage solution provides redundancy and resiliency while outperforming in orders of magnitude the existing antiquated solutions often deployed today. The combined package delivers 64 processor cores paired with 2TB of memory, plus up to 40 TB of integrated storage while consuming less than 1.5KW in power. All inside connectivity is achieved with 10 Gb Ethernet and 8Gb Fiber Channel. The storage subsystem will support a sustained performance of over 400,000 IOPS allowing for the highest efficiency and reduces processor resource requirements.

Processor 64 Xeon E5-2600 2.66GHz Cores
System Bus QPI up to 8 GT/s
Cache Up to 20MB
RAM 1TB DDR3 1600MHz ECC Registered memory (RDIMM)
Storage 20TB of Enterprise Flash
IOPS 450,000 IOPS
Ethernet Fabric 10Gbs at 528 Gbs backplane throughput
Power Consumption 1.5 KW
Input Voltage 100-250 VAC nominal 50-60 Hz
Weight ~200lbs.

download NTC product information sheet | download NTC Testbed information sheet